Thursday, September 10, 2015

IHS+M+CEO+ & RA = P.C. = C.P. = Cube Predator

Uploaded Se+ptember 10, the year of our Demiurge 2015


Business Never Personal

Genre:Hip Hop



1 Boon Dox 2:47
2 Nobody's Safe Chump 2:12
3 Can't Hear Nothing But The Music
Co-producer – Charlie Marotta
4 Chill 2:56
5 Headbanger
Rap [Featuring] – K-Solo, Redman
6 Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2 - Mic Doc)
Scratches [Featuring] – DJ Scratch
7 Crossover 3:48
8 Cummin' At Cha
Rap [Featuring] – Das EFX
9 Play The Next Man 3:35
10 It's Going Down 4:12
11 Who Killed Jane 3:46
I fell in Love with RAP'N'HipHopMusic when I was 15 years old in late 1992, because I was on a party in HannoverDöhren, where the DJ only played RAP'N'FunkyStuff & I loved the energy & the vibes of IT & I will always Love Music that moves my heart & feet & IT does not depend on the genre. The Genre was never important to me.


E.T. = Emma Tavernini 

(Right Side *3.10.1977) 

& me (L.S. *14.6.1977)

 @ Eisfabrik Summer 1990. 

His parents Katrin Tavernini & Gino Tavernini are Artists & live there since the 1980s. In
Summer 2008 w
e met for a drink at the Pavillon (Hannover Oststadt) & I said to him just for fun:

"Let's start a tricycle gang called Heaven's Demons!!!" 

:) hehehe & we laughed about it. 

 #Eisfabrik e.V. 

#Kultur & #Tanz & #Theater

 In 1995 Emma Tavernini
asked me:
"What are you? 
HipHop or Rock or Techno?"
My answer was:
What a stupid Question!
I simply Love good music
that moves my heart & feet.

The very first RAP/HipHop Album/CD 
that I bought in late 1992 was 
Ice Cube's
The Predator

I bought the BusinessNeverPersonal/CD in Spring 1993 & IT's the only EPMD Album/CD that I have.

I Love the 1990s Drum'N'Bass Bootleg 
that I discovered on YouTube.
I posted IT Yesterday 
here on my blog,
but here IT IS again :)

#H elping

#E veryone2

#A ccept

#L ove&sound&light


#The Unveiling

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