Saturday, December 15, 2012

Denver, Colorado: Bush & Satanic Rituals & Human Sacrifice ~ December 21, 2012

Denver: Bush Satanic Rituals and Human
Sacrifice December 21, 2012 9PM Mountain
Is Illuminati Banker George H. W. Bush Human,
Alien aka Fallen Angel cast out of Heaven to Earth?

Evidence and Witnesses are always the key for proof.
Hear: Radio Interview with 
Occult Victim Anthony Lavey Castrated
at 13 George HW Bush 
and Leonard Millman Present

Bush-Millman-Knight Templar’s 
Satanic Human Sacrifice Party House 

June 20-21 & December 21-22 each year. 

 (Council of 13-Tiffany Lamp meetings) Pre-Satanic Rituals were held at Leonard & Elaine Millman’s house 
at #one Eudora St. Denver.  
Then 3333 Cherry Creek Dr. #71 Denver.  
Anthony Lavey son of Anton Levey 
Founder Church of Satan in America 
was Castrated by George H. W. Bush 
and Leonard Millman among others  
at the Kimball-Cherokee Castle at age 13. 
Listen to full one hour interview.  
After Millman’s Death in 2004 MDC 
Holdings CEO Larry Mizel (Bank Bail Out Scamster) replaced Leonard Millman as 
the new Satanist Illuminati Banker 
and now Hosts the Blood Drinking Satanic
Murder Rituals of Kidnapped Infants.

Radio Interview with Anthony Lavey 
admits castration and talks about pre-ritual parties 
at Leonard Millman’s house # 1 Eudora 
and being lock in the tunnel under house 
with Stew Webb Whistleblowers 
ex brother-in-law Scott Millman.
FBI ATF Raid on California Satanic Occult 
doing Human Sacrifice

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